Retail Petroleum Equipment

Structural Connections: ASTM A36 structural steel plates with a minimum yield stress of 36,000 ksi. All framing members shall be shop fabricated for bolted field assembly. Domestic ASTM A3525 high strength bolts shall be used. All ASTM A325 bolts shall be installed per the RSCS Specification for Structural ASC Manual of Steel Construction, Allow Stress Design, 9 th Addition. Flange and purlin bracing where required. Anchor Bolts: ASTM A572 or A490 Grade 50 threaded round stock with a minimum yield stress of 50,000 psi. 1 ¼” diameter x 36” long rod with a 90 degree, 6” minimum bent leg shall be used. Total bolt length 42”. Threaded projection above footing shall be 7”. Double nuts and washers for each bolt shall be provided, one set to be used for plumbing and leveling. Templates for setting anchor bolts shall be provided. Templates shall be removed before setting column on foundation. Painting: All framing members will be given one shop coat of drying red oxide primer, as per industry standards.