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BENEFITS ■ PetroClear model 40510D is a particulate removing, water sensing and phase separation detecting spin-on filter designed to remove particulate from NEAT GASOLINE or Ethanol blended gasoline. ■ PetroClear model 40510D is a particulate removing, phase separation and water sensing spin-on filter. This filter is designed to sense water, both free and emulsified, and slow flow as an indicator of the presence of water in NEAT GASOLINE. This filter is also designed to detect and react to phase separation. Slow flow is an indicator of the presence of phase separation in Ethanol blended gasoline. ■ PetroClear model 40510D filter offers efficient 10 micron nominal particulate removal (nominal = 75% efficiency), and senses both free and emulsified water in NEAT GASOLINE and detects and reacts to phase separation should it occur. ■ UL recognized for Ethanol blended fuels and NEAT GASOLINE. ■ The water and phase separation sensing filter is not a fool-proof mechanical positive shut-off. If this filter remains in service after going into slow flow it can return to full flow, allowing contaminated fuel to be dispensed into the consumer’s vehicle and cause potential damage. 405 D SERIES “ Dual Purpose” Removes Particulate, Detects Phase Separation & Water Sensing 40510 D “Dual Purpose” Detects and Reacts to Phase Separation in Ethanol Blended Fuels SensesWater in Neat Gasoline FOR FUEL DISPENSERS SPECIFICATIONS ■ The PetroClear model 40510D utilizes a 10 micron cellulose media to remove particulate from gasolines plus water sensing in NEAT GASOLINE and phase separation detecting capabilities for Ethanol blended gasoline. Removes a minimum of 75% of particulate 10 micron in size (and approximately 100% of larger particulate). It utilizes a super absorbent media for sensing water in NEAT GASOLINE and a chemical core assembly to detect and react to phase separation in Ethanol blended fuel. ■ Once the PetroClear model 40510D has absorbed 5.9 ounces (175 mil) of water from NEAT GASOLINE, flow will be noticeably slow. ■ The chemical center core assembly detects and reacts to phase separation and significantly restricts flow through filter keeping phase-separated gasoline from going into a customer's vehicle. ■ The “Dual” model 40510D utilizes an epoxy coated interior shell to eliminate oxidation (rusting) that can cause pinhole leaks from inside the filter shell. ■ PetroClear model 40510D “Dual Purpose” utilizes a standard 1" – 12 UNF mounting thread ref. (3/4" flow) required for most spin-on filter adaptors used in aftermarket. ■ The maximum flow rate for PetroClear model 40510D is 20 gpm (76 lpm). Maximum operating pressure is 50 psid (3.4 bar). Maximum differential pressure is 25 psid (1.7 bar). Collapse pressure is 150 psid (10.3 bar). Maximum operating temperature is 250°F (139°C). ■ Adaptors are available for model 40510D in aluminum and cast iron.These single adaptors are available in both 3/4" and 1" NPT and BSP inlet/outlet threads. For disposal information please contact your nearest EPA office. 02-10 PC-405D NOTE: If you experience frequent filter changes, it is recommended that you have fuel samples analyzed to determine the source of contamination, such as water, dirt, rust, bacteria, phase separation, etc. Patent # 6,645,373 PetroClear FILTERS ARE NOT TO BE USED INAVIATION FUEL APPLICATIONS.