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Technical Bulletin Q&A Subject: E85 Fuel and Fuel Filtration Systems – Continued Pg. 2 Date: December, 2005 After reviewing all OEM fuel filter specs we have verified that the most stringent OEM fuel filter requirement is 10 micron . Ford specs for flexible fuel vehicles on-board fuel filters is 35 micron with an efficiency of 98%. GM is 20 micron at 95%. There is no reason to filter any vehicle fuel finer than the on-board filter rating. The OEM manufacturers have determined the maximum allowable particle size that will pass through their fuel system without causing engine concerns. If the OEM manufacturer has a 10 micron spec for the on-board fuel filter that clearly states that anything smaller than 10 micron is not harmful. ARE ANY UNIQUE FILTERS REQUIRED TO FILTER E85? Not really. PetroClear filters are designed for ethanol concentrations up to 100%. The highest concentration normally available is E85 (85% ethanol). We have had these in service with for over seven years. IS A MICROGLASS FILTER NEEDED FOR E85? No. Some companies offer what they represent as a one micron filter. They are good for high efficiency and lower restriction but they really are not cost effective. Cellulose/synthetic blended medias, as used in PetroClear filters, offer the same performance at about one third the cost of a microglass filter. High concentrations of ethanol will scour tanks, hoses, etc. and will many times result in throwing a lot of contaminant at the filter during the transition. You should be prepared to change out the filters once or twice while this scouring process is taking place. The same filters can be used during the change to E85 and other ethanol blends as are used for long term use. BOTTOM LINE IS YOU DO NOT NEED ANY SPECIAL FILTERS FOR E85 OR OTHER ETHANOL BLENDS DUE TO CHANGING FROM STANDARD GASOLINE. YOU DEFINITELY DO NOT NEED NOR WANT A ONE MICRON FILTER! WHERE YOU WILL NEED A SPECIAL FILTER IS FOR PHASE SEPARATION WHEN WATER GETS INTO THE ETHANOL BLENDED FUELS. PETROCLEAR “ALERT” FILTERS ARE WHAT YOU NEED IN THOSE SITUATIONS. Petro Clear Filters Are UL Registered For Use With E85(UL #MH25479)