Retail Petroleum Equipment

Innovative DEF features maximize uptime, minimize costs Our innovative DEF features maximize your opportunity to meet the needs of your customers and build profits. The unique meter and all DEF hydraulic components are made of stainless steel or other approved materials to protect against corrosion. Our DEF dispensers feature thermostat- controlled, heated cabinets to prevent DEF from freezing and crystallization. Specially-designed optional hanging hardware is enclosed in the heated cabinet until needed. Mass flow meter for DEF > Only from Gilbarco Veeder-Root > Accurately measures DEF, but has no moving parts that wear or stick > Measures mass directly and independently from viscosity and density changes > Unaffected by temperature, conductivity, and solid content. Heated cabinet with automatic hose retraction and sliding nozzle cover for DEF > Keeps DEF from crystallizing or freezing > Thermostat controlled and insulated for maximum efficiency and uptime ISO compatible components > Ensure DEF compatibility and prevent corrosion > Highly reliable for the long term Combining fuel and DEF sales Your Gilbarco Ultra-Hi Master dispensers automatically combine the fuel volume and value simultaneously dispensed through the master and satellite into a single transaction. Your POS system* may also be able to combine the additional DEF sale into the same transaction, reducing transaction fees. * Depends on functionality of the point of sale system. Technology with a human touch. Encore ® S DEF + 1 Heated cabinet with automatic hose retraction