Retail Petroleum Equipment

Availability: Regulatory/Governmental Approvals: > Factory Installed > UL, cUL - Encore S > Measurement Canada, Weights & Measures, FCC > Retrofit Kits > Interac IDP SPED - Encore S, Encore 500, Encore 300, The Advantage > PCI PED POS-A 1.x * Wiring: Backward compatible to existing POS or use Ethernet protocol > EMV Co Environmental: Component Options: > 30 º C, 70º C, 70º C / 95% Relative Humidity > Complete FlexPay Compact Bezel, 24cm x 22.5cm > A cabinet or keypad heater option is available to avoid ice accumulation. > 5.7” QVGA > Encrypting PIN pad, 86mm high Processor: > Secure Tribrid Card Reader, 96mm x 77mm x 192mm > Freescale MCF532x integrating Coldfire V3 core with 64 MB RAM. Dallas secure processor for data encryption and tamper responsiveness. > High Speed Graphic Thermal Printer, 220mm/sec (8.66”/sec) > Additional Peripherals (contactless, scanner, TRIND ® ) > Communications: 1 10/100Mbit Ethernet connection, 1 USB host inter- face, 6+3 RS232/TTL serial channel to communicate with local peripherals. P-2374A | Printed in the U.S.A. | © 2009 | 09092 | 7300 W. Friendly Ave., Greensboro, NC 27410 (336) 547-5000 Best investment. Brightest future. - FlexPay ™ EMV CRIND ® Full EMV and PCI PED compliance This system provides a modular approach to EMV and PCI compliance. Each component is independently secure and designed to reduce long-term maintenance costs and improve upgradeability. With FlexPay EMV CRIND, you know your site meets all debit and credit card compliance regulations in Canada. Enhanced security with anti-tampering techniques Protect your customer information and payment data at the fueling island—let your customers know it is safe for them to do business with your site. FlexPay EMV CRIND features three main tamper- responsive modules, interconnected by encrypted communications. Works with a variety of dispensers FlexPay EMV CRIND is available factory installed on the Gilbarco Encore S dispensers and as a retrofit for the entire Gilbarco Encore and The Advantage ® lines. Works with your POS It’s backward compatible with current point of sale systems, so you don’t have to worry about wiring projects or changing your point of sale software. Maximum transaction speed FlexPay EMV CRIND is capable of TCP/IP communication for maximum transaction speed when used with a POS that can also support this protocol. FlexPay CRIND Specifications Tribrid Card Reader (TCR) FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pad 5.7” Colour Screen