Retail Petroleum Equipment Valve Meter Hoses Underground Storage Tanks Configuration Key 3 Tank Configuration 93 X X 89 87 87 X E85 E15 E85 X 93 Model NJ4 - Encore 3-2 Hose Dispenser With the dual blend configuration of the NJ4, you can offer up to five products from only 3 hoses, (e.g. E85, Mid-level Ethanol (E15), Unleaded, Mid Unleaded, Premium.) The ability to offer E15 through a separate hose with the NJ4 reduces the risk of mis-fueling. 3 Tank Configuration E85 E15 87 93 E85 87 93 X X X X Model NJ2 - Encore 4 Hose Dispenser There are four hoses on the NJ2, one for each product (e.g. Unleaded, Premium, E85, E15.) Combined with clear signage, the NJ2 minimizes the risk of mis-fueling. *87 inlet Y piped