Retail Petroleum Equipment

Technology with a human touch. 4 Tank Configuration 93 X 89 87 87 X E85 D E85 Diesel <B20 X X 93 Model NL3 - Encore 3-1-1 Hose Dispenser The NL3 is the only dispenser available that can offer standard unleaded grades, Diesel and E85 from the same fueling position. From its three hoses you can offer up to five products, maximizing your fuel marketing. Encore ® Dispenser Options Forecourt Merchandising Applause TV offers you a full-color, profession- ally managed in-dispenser entertainment and advertising system with content managed by Outcast Media, the leading fuel television network. It’s a hassle-free way to provide your customers with a memorable fueling experi- ence that drives them into your store and builds loyalty. And it’s available to any retailer in the US without restrictions or qualifications. Enhanced Security To help you eliminate fuel theft and protect your forecourt we offer Encore Security Door Switches that monitor the dispenser access points and alert the cashier via the Point of Sale should someone enter the dispenser. Once the door is returned to the closed position the alarm resets itself. No service calls are required to reset the dispenser. Ecometer ™ Did you know that ordinary meters cost high- volume retailers more than 3,000 gallons annually in lost fuel? It adds up to thousands of dollars in lost profits. With the Ecometer, Gilbarco redirects those profits back into your business. We’ve designed Ecometer with 75% fewer parts and 33% fewer leak points than traditional piston meters, so you get higher precision and keep more of your profits. In fact, the Ecometer option usually pays for itself after two years.