Retail Petroleum Equipment | 800.634.2695 | 8825 Aviation Dr. Fort Wayne, IN 46809 FRFMS_SS_Rev0 2 Mobile App Use the technology you already have The app works with the Android and iOS devices you use every day. No more cards! Secure your pumps Fuel access is gated behind driver-specific pin codes, helping protect you from theft and unauthorized transactions. Say goodbye to pen and paper All transaction data is uploaded to Fill-Rite FMS’s web portal, saving you the hassle of tracking down hand-written transaction sheets. The Fill-Rite FMS mobile app provides a portable, intuitive system for authorized users to access pumps. 3 Web Portal Customized, automated reports and paperwork Collect the information you need at the pump to auto-complete reports and off-road fuel use tax forms . Instant visibility into all your tanks Check inventory levels and set permissions from one dashboard. Cloud-based software for access everywhere you work Your fuel data is available any time, anywhere, on any computer through your Fill-Rite FMS account. View real-time transactions and push out automatic updates to prevent fraud and control fuel use. Fill-Rite's web portal serves as your all-in-one fuel dashboard. Check inventory, run reports, and manage pump permissions from one place. Download the “Fill-Rite FMS” app! Try the demo to see just how easy full featured fuel management can be! 1 Hardware Low cost, full featured The NXFM100 is a fraction of the price of existing fuel management systems thanks to modular components and ingenious software hosted in the cloud. Easy, modular installation Designed for both fixed and mobile applications, our hardware is compatible with most pump and meter brands and types and may be installed in as little as one day. The modular design easily scales with the growth of your business. Fill-Rite FMS hardware is compatible with most existing fuel pumps and meters. Installation is quick, simple and designed to scale with your business needs.