Retail Petroleum Equipment

Islander ™ PLUS combines the functionality of CFN PLUS and ICR PLUS in a single package hardened for the fuel island. > Cost-effective way to offer functionality at sites with a single fuel island > Lighted terminals available 24/7/365 for unattended sites > Supports multiple access technologies, including web-based and contactless systems FuelPoint ® PLUS is the industry’s only truly wireless vehicle identification system. Gasboy’s highly secure, hands free, wireless vehicle identification, authorization and control system uses radio frequency identification. > Tamper resistant components assure nozzle is inserted into an authorized vehicle before fueling > Vehicle module provides accurate odometer readings and other information directly from the vehicle bus, eliminating human error > Eliminates the need for keys, cards, or vouchers that can get lost or be misused Fuel Truck Controller is a mobile fueling system that brings fleet fueling to heavy or stationary equipment from a tanker truck. It’s fully compatible with the other Gasboy PLUS series so that transaction information stored on the Fuel Truck Controller uploads into the Fleet Head Office when the tanker truck returns to the fuel island. > Extends your fleet management system to stationary equipment > Adds mobility to your system > Fully compatible with site controller and fuel island parts of the system Worldwide leader in solutions for fleet and commercial markets.