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08 GHOS083-11/08 For more information about the FLEXSTEEL ® FUTURA ™ Fuel Dispensing Hose or Futurin ™ compound, contact your Goodyear Engineered Products representative. Call 1-800-235-4632 or visit The new FLEXSTEEL ® FUTURA ™ is the future of gasoline dispensing hose. FUTURA’s cover is comprised of the innovative new Futurin ™ compound — making it incredibly resistant to ozone cracking and wear. s .EW &UTURIN ™ synthetic rubber cover s .ITRILE SYNTHETIC RUBBER TUBE s (ARDWALL WIRE BRAID REINFORCEMENT s &OR USE WITH GASOLINE DIESEL ETHANOL BLENDS % AND BIODIESEL BLENDS UP TO " s 5, LISTING PENDING s 5, ! APPROVAL PENDING FLEXSTEEL ® FUTURA ™ Fuel Dispensing Hose Superior, long-lasting service with multi-fuel capability A proprietary process using exclusive elastomer advancements has yielded Futurin ™ , the revolutionary new rubber compound material that is incredibly ozone-resistant, color-fast and unlike anything ever seen in the petroleum dispensing hose industry. Advanced Futurin ™ Compounding Our most ozone-resistant hose to date has performance advantages above and beyond FLEXSTEEL ® Hardwall, the best selling hose in the industry. s Extraordinarily resistant to ozone cracking and wear s Cover retains colors better with higher gloss s Multi-fuel dispensing hose requires less inventory s Quality hose construction, quality assemblies An industry leading hose from a name you can trust: Goodyear Engineered Products. Why FLEXSTEEL ® FUTURA ™ ? The GOODYEAR (and Winged Foot Design) trademark is used by Veyance Technologies, Inc. under license from The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Goodyear Engineered Products are manufactured and sourced exclusively by Veyance Technologies, Inc. or its affiliates. The Flexsteel® trademark is licensed to Veyance Technologies, Inc. by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. ©2008 Veyance Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 700-821-947-533 ! FTERMARKET 0ARTS!UTOMOTIVE AND #OMMERCIAL 4RUCK #ONVEYOR "ELT ( EAVYWEIGHT AND ,IGHTWEIGHT (OME AND 'ARDEN (YDRAULICS )NDUSTRIAL (OSE Military, 0 OWER 4RANSMISSION 0RODUCTS 0OWERSPORTS 2UBBER 4RACK 3 EAWING /FFSHORE /IL (OSE I N D U S T R I A L H O S E F L E X S T E E L ® F U T U R A ™ F U E L H O S E