Retail Petroleum Equipment

See it. Analyze it. Optimize it. Control every detail , every day with Islander PLUS. Data is your most powerful tool for building efficiency, creating consistency, and keeping costs down. So we built Islander PLUS to deliver it all, combining the CFN PLUS fuel controller and the ICR PLUS fleet card reader into one powerful package that gives you precisely the connectivity and control you need. But we didn’t stop there. Islander PLUS can also process that data in just about any way you choose and deliver it to you and your staff wherever you happen to be. So you’ll get the whole picture. Not to mention a whole new level of efficiency and savings. Track costs more precisely with a seamless connection to Gasboy Fleet Head Office. Collect data without slowing down your operation with support for multiple access technologies, including web-based and contactless systems. Stay up and running 24-7 with lighted terminals and secured access for unattended sites. Are you ready to see more? Talk to your sales rep or visit to see what Islander PLUS could do for you. Commercial & Industrial Solutions