Retail Petroleum Equipment

66 CONTROL HANDLES PRO-SERIES | ELECTRONIC DISPLAY SPECIFICATIONS MODELS AVAILABLE Model Type Extension Nozzle 3330-054 Rigid 3332-040 Automatic 3330-055 Flex 3332-041 Automatic 3330-057 Flex 90 3332-043 Automatic 3330-059 Straight* 3332-044 Automatic 3330-058 Bare 3330-054 * Pistol Grip ** Manual nozzle assembly not recommended for this meter assembly 831992 - COLORED SHROUDS Customize your fluids with colored shrouds. Shrouds also guard against shock damage of meter body and dial face. Standard colors are red, blue, green, and yellow. Reference SB3026 FEATURES • One piece cast aluminum housing • Shock resistant 5-digit resettable batch totalizer • Non-resettable accumulative totalizer and a hidden resettable totalizer -used to track daily, weekly or monthly usage • Sleep mode (2 minutes idle limit) to preserve battery life • EEPROM retention allows all information to be retained if batteries are removed • Oval gear mechanism for optimum accuracy • Two outlet nozzle positions (in-line or pistol style), fits rigid, flex or flex 90 extension with automatic nozzle Units of Measure: quart, gallon, pint or liter Compatible Fluids: engine oil, diesel oil, automatic transmission fluid and anti-freeze with a maximum viscosity of SAE 140 Wetted Components: aluminum, acetal, steel, nitrile rubber Accuracy: +/- 0.5% of reading (lubricating oils) Flow Range: 1-30 L/min (0.26-8 US gal/min) Max pressure: 1000 PSI, 103.5 bar Weight: 1.16 kg, 2.55 lbs Swivel inlet: ½” NPT Operating temp: 32 ˚F (0˚ C) to 122 ˚F ( 50 ˚C) Battery: 2 x 1.5 volt alkaline A A