Retail Petroleum Equipment

78 Features: • Up to four dispense points, • Heavy duty, Metal body • Drain with steel screen and ½” NPT hose connection, 4200-011 Spigot Only 4200-012 Straight Stem for Oil Bars ½” NPT (F) 4200-013 Gooseneck ¾” NPT(M) OI L BARS 4200-014 OIL BAR Features: • smooth trigger action, • anti-splash flow diffuser • shutoff valve. Service bulletin SB4037. DISPENSER SPIGOTS Dimensions: 13.25” deep x 28” wide x 35” high Service bulletin SB4038 Oil bar ships with one spigot. For two-, three-, and four-spigot oil bars, order additional 4200-012 spigots. MODELS AVAILABLE 4200-012 4200-013