Retail Petroleum Equipment

40 PUMPS MODELS AVAILABLE: 1151-009 Panther HP Inductor 1151-010 Lion HP Inductor 1151-011 1151-012 GREASE PUMPS | GREASE INDUCTORS FEATURES: Handles thicker #3 and #4 greases more easily than follower plate models Conical shaped inductor allows for better flow to pump inlet Inductor mounted pump applies weight to allow for better grease flow to pump inlet Eliminates contamination of pump and inductor plate when changing drum • • • • NOTE: Low level shutoff models recommended for remote pump room applications 1151-011 Panther HP Inductor with Low Level Shutoff 1151-012 Lion HP Inductor with Low Level Shutoff 4520-008 Low Level Shutoff For Grease Inductor