Retail Petroleum Equipment

The simplicity you want. The precision you demand. TopKAT PLUS TopKAT PLUS proves that sophistication can be simple. Order your Gasboy dispenser with TopKAT PLUS installed, and it goes to work; identifying every driver, monitoring every transaction, tracking every detail. No separate mounting base, no dedicated power lines. Just a steady stream of data that maximizes efficiency and keeps you in control. TopKAT PLUS demands little, but delivers a lot. It enables you to create a wide variety of customized restrictions, it delivers sophisticated reports, and it integrates seamlessly with your automatic tank gauge system. It can even deliver data to you anywhere in the world over the Internet. Track costs more precisely with a seamless connection to Gasboy Fleet Head Office. Collect data without slowing down your operation with support for multiple access technologies, including Web-based and contactless systems. Stay up and running 24-7 with lighted terminals and secured access for unattended sites. Are you ready to see what the simple sophistication of TopKAT PLUS could do for you? Talk to your sales rep or visit to learn more. Commercial & Industrial Solutions