Retail Petroleum Equipment

Fleet Management Bid Specification SP-7178 01/12 Gasboy│7300 W Friendly Ave│Greensboro, NC 27410 1 GASBOY Fleet and Fuel Management BID SPECIFICATIONS 1.0 General Requirements System manufacturer must have a minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in the design and manufacture of fuel management equipment. The proposed system must conform to ISO 9001:2000 standards for quality management systems. System shall be UL and cUL approved. The system must be expandable for future expansions in the number of: fuel sites, vehicles, drivers, dispensers and nozzles. System shall be Gasboy PLUS System or approved equal 2.0 Fueling Procedure The system shall allow automated and manual fueling. In the fully automated mode, all control, authorization and accounting operations will be conducted automatically by the fuel management system with no manual input required by the operator using the fuel facility. The automated fueling procedure shall be as follows: The system shall automatically identify the vehicle when the fuel nozzle is inserted into the vehicle’s fuel inlet. The system shall turn on the corresponding fuel dispenser only if the vehicle is authorized for fueling as determined by the site controller set of conditions as described hereafter. The system shall automatically suspend fueling if the nozzle is removed from the vehicle fuel inlet or no pulses are detected from the fueling pump. The system shall append to the same transaction if the nozzle is re-inserted into the same vehicle within a specified period of time. The transaction shall be terminated if the specified period of time elapses or if the dispenser is turned off. When vehicle data modules are installed, the controller shall store the fuel transactions, odometer reading and engine hour. The system shall also have the capability to capture other vehicle data such as idle time, speeding, distance, PTO, oil level and pressure, two auxiliary engine hour timers, engine temperature, tire pressure, fuel consumption and fuel level, a sudden drop in fuel level, and other On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) vehicle error codes into a centralized management and reporting system. In manual fueling, a contactless Mifare tag or Mifare card and/or Magnetic stripe card and a keypad shall be available as alternative method for initiating a fueling transaction. HID reader and Gasboy Fleet Keys shall be available as an option.