Retail Petroleum Equipment

Fleet Management Bid Specification SP-7178 01/12 Gasboy│7300 W Friendly Ave│Greensboro, NC 27410 2 A two stage authorization process shall be provided by identifying both the vehicle and the driver prior to refueling. Both driver and vehicles IDs should be stored in the transaction. The two stage authorization process should be flexible enough to link the vehicle device either to a specific driver or to a list of drivers. 3.0 System Description 3.1 System Configuration The site controller shall be a stand-alone unit comprising all required peripherals including the central processing unit, display panel, pump control module, communication modules, and optional receipt printer. The site controller shall be web enabled to allow independent real-time control, monitoring and reporting via the web using user ID with password and SSL protected link (https://). In the automated mode, the passive fuel ring installed in the vehicle shall be used for automated fuel authorization. The site controller shall have a wireless gateway terminal to communicate to all forecourt devices including the wireless nozzle readers and vehicle data modules. The wireless nozzle reader shall communicate with the passive fuel ring for fuel authorization The wireless gateway shall communicate with the wireless vehicle data modules to retrieve data such as odometer reading, engine hours, and other OBD codes. The site controller shall communicate with a central high performance server or dedicated host PC computer for the purpose of centralized control and monitoring of multiple sites. Refueling shall take place regardless of the connectivity to the host computer. Refueling limits and restrictions shall be 'pushed' from the host computer to all fuel site controllers enabling off-line refueling with limits and restrictions also when communication is not available. A time limit should be provided for off-line activity to block possible 'break' of the limits by refueling in several sites through the off-line mode. 3.2 System Operation Upon insertion of the nozzle into the vehicle fuel inlet the wireless nozzle reader shall communicate with the passive fuel ring, retrieve data for fuel authorization, and transmit the data to the wireless gateway. If the vehicle has a vehicle data module installed, the wireless gateway shall detect the vehicle within 45 ft. and retrieve data such as an odometer reading, engine hours, and OBD codes from the vehicle data module. The wireless gateway shall append the fuel ring data to the vehicle module data and transfer it to the site controller. The site controller shall authenticate the data retrieved from the vehicle and check it against the existing set of limits and restrictions. If all conditions are met, the site controller shall authorize immediate refueling.