Retail Petroleum Equipment

CXS – 3/4in Automatic Fuel Dispenser Nozzle setting a new Standard for Canada A premium UL/cUL approved automatic nozzle combining ease of use, precise dispensing, safety and durability for all retail service station fuel dispensers. Standard features include:  EZ Lever one-half less force to open nozzle – accessibilities compliant  Tilt poppet - feather touch dispensing to the penny  Die cast aluminum with polymer lever guard - durable and lightweight  Plastic handle guard pre-installed - accommodates full or mate handwarmers  Low temperature poppet seal rated to -40c CXS 3/4in NPT Automatic - pressure activated shut off when • nozzle falls from the tank or raises above the horizontal • the pump shuts off • the tank is full • the lever is opened before the pump is turned on • the leak detector has not completed its test cycle Choice of Spout and Seals • GAS00 = Gasoline Unleaded up to E15 • LDD00 = Light Duty Diesel up to B20 Choice of Activation • NCP = no Hold Open Clip • WCP = with Hold Open Clip ∆ warning! Hold Open Clip not permitted in Quebec for self serve Four models fulfill every need for standard fuels Colours: -01 Blue; -02 Red; -03 Green; -04 Black; -05 Yellow (None have Warning Text) April 13, 2020V2 Select Bare Nozzle Part Number Gas - with Hold Open Clip CXS-GAS00-WCP-000000 Light Diesel - with Hold Open Clip CXS-LDD00-WCP-000000 Gas - no Clip CXS-GAS00-NCP-000000 Light Diesel - no Clip CXS-LDD00-NCP-000000 Add Choice of Adornment Part Number Full Guard Plain 4145-XX (colour) Full Guard w/POPD-Square 6665-XX (colour) Mate Guard Plain 3795-XX (colour) Mate Guard w/POPD-Square 8165-XX (colour) Waffle Splash Guard 1808-XX (colour) 1-866-574-5100