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170 OPW 7H ® AND 7HB ® AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF NOZZLES OPW 7H ® and 7HB ® Automatic Shut-off Nozzles For Heavy-Duty, High-Flow Truck, Bus and Fleet Service If you operate a full-service truckstop, refuel your own fleet or manage a card lock refueling location, the low cost, long life and durability of the OPW 7H ® high-flow nozzle can help increase your productivity, sales and profits. Listings and Certifications Body: Aluminum Lever & Lever Guard: Duratuff ® Packing: Graphite with Teflon ® Disc: Viton ® Inlet Size: 1" NPT Weight: 3.35 lbs. each, 52.05 lbs./case of 15 1.51 kg each, 23.6 kg/case of 15 Safe for Use u UL and ULC listed for use in gasoline, diesel and up to 10% ethanol blends. Specific listings available at . u Prevents gasoline spills in prepay or card lock systems utilizing OPW’s unique No Pressure – No Flow Device. The nozzle cannot be opened until the pumping system is pressurized, and closes automatically when the pressure is removed. (7HB Series only) u Prevents consumer from jamming the nozzle in an open position – blocker on lever guard. u FlowLock™ allows nozzle to shut-off when falling out of a fill pipe, and is tipped up, limiting spillage and unsafe conditions. u Low reliable shut-off – specifically designed to ensure proper automatic shut-off as low as 5 gallons per minute. Durable and Long Lasting Design u Cycle tested and proven to last longer than 1 million cycles – better than any other nozzle available on the market today. * u Durable lever guard that won’t scratch your customers’ vehicles – made from Duratuff ® . u New hold-open clip spring lasts longer than previous designs. Appealing to Customers u Easy to use – utilizing Accu-Stop ® to-the-penny Flow Control Technology. u Easy to open, even at high pressures, utilizing Dual Poppets. u Even, smooth spray pattern – minimizes diesel foaming and false shut-offs. u Smooth closing action and reduced line shock from incorporated Dash-pot technology. u Convenient – one-finger hold-open clip that is easy to set the flow rate. ( not on all models) u Spout Retaining ring – adds extra measure in securing nozzle spout in fill pipe where required. (not on all models) Design working pressure u 50 psi (3.45 bar) maximum pressure. Materials 7 H ® PRESSURE DROP-PSI FLOW RATE-GPM (STODDARD SOLVENT) PRESSURE DROP-KG/CM 2 FLOW RATE-L/MIN. (STODDARD SOLVENT) Features 7 HB ® NFPA 30-A Automotive and Marine Service Station Code (9-1.2.1) At any installation where the normal flow of product may be stopped other than by the hose nozzle valve, such as at pre-pay stations, the system shall include listed equipment with the feature that causes or requires the closing of the hose nozzle valve before product flow can be resumed, or before the hose nozzle valve can be replaced in its normal position in the dispenser; or the nozzle valve shall not be equipped with a latch-open device. * OPW internal lab testing results as of August 2010.