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1420 Parsons Road SW | Edmonton | Alberta | Canada | T6X 1M5 Ph 780.466.6648 Fax 780.466.6126 Toll Free 1.800.661.8265 The ZCL car wash interceptor protects municipal storm drain and sewer systems by effectively capturing sand, grit, soap and free oil residue from car wash drainage. Particles as small as 150 microns are captured in a multi-chamber system that directs sand and grit to the bottom of the tank, while at the same time trapping floating products at the surface. Contaminants in the wastewater are minimized, preventing serious problems in sewer systems and the environment. Highly Effective Capture of Car Wash Settleable Solids Key Features • Long life, proven ‘integral rib’ design, maintenance free fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) construction • Rust proof, watertight, not affected by soaps, alkalis and corrosives • Designed for conveyor, roll over or self serve car washes • Efficient multi-chamber design in single wall or double wall construction • Light weight tank makes for a quicker and easier installation • Cylindrical cross section promotes collection of solids at the bottom centreline for ease of removal • Multiple pump out access ports allow for fast, no entry vacuum removal of sludge and solids • Multiple, easy access manways facilitate tank entry if required • Includes FRP inlet and PVC outlet, FRP baffles • Optional equipment: anchoring system, water tight risers and internal piping • Can be adapted for water recycling systems • Custom designs can be accommodated to meet functional requirements The Corrosion Free Advantage That’s Easy to Install The car wash interceptor from ZCL simply will not rust. 100% FRP construction provides long term, corrosion free service that is not affected by soaps, alkalis and other corrosives common in runoff wastewater. No heavy equipment is required for lifting and placement as the ZCL interceptor is substantially lighter than pre-cast concrete tanks.