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For more Information, Call Us Today, Toll-Free 1-800-661-8265 Visit Our Web Site: PRINTED IN CANADA AP 1M 07/01 Protecting the Environment, Preserving your Business An ISO 9002 Registered Company ZCL COMPOSITES INC. Efficiently remove solids and oil droplets* MPak ® designed multiple-angle plates that are virtually self- cleaning, removing solids as small as twenty microns. Oil contamination is reduced to as low as ten parts per million! Corrosion-resistant inside & out ZCL Oil-Water Separators are manufactured with premium-grade fibreglass reinforced plastic. They have no moving parts, require only minimal maintenance and are engineered for long-term underground service. High performance guaranteed Every tank is backed by Canada’s leading tank specialist, ZCL Composites Inc. in association with Facet International Inc., North America’s foremost designer and supplier of coalescing media. * Not chemically emulsified or dissolved. This vessel will not separate alcohol solvents or soapy solutions. • Double-wall and single-wall models • Corrosion-resistant internal and external components • The coalescing system has a maximum amount of coalescing surface area. • The plates are self-cleaning. “Solids are separated to the bottom; oil is separated to the top.” • No moving parts; minimal maintenance requirements • The coalescing system can be cleaned in place. Separator is designed for easy removal of plate packs for full maintenance. • Shut-off valve is available as an option – either manual or automatic. Vessels are designed and constructed in accordance with: * MPak ® is a registered trademark of Facet International Inc. Separator Model Specifications ❏ The API manual on disposal of refinery wastes ❏ API Bulletin Nº 1630, First Edition ❏ API Bulletin Nº 421 ❏ ULC S615 ❏ Stokes Law High-efficiency Oil-Water Separators Separation is enhanced with an MPak ® design coalescing system from Facet International CONTROLLED MANHOLE TO STORM SEWER COALESCING PLATES ( Oil-Water Separator) RECYCLE COALESCING PLATES ( Oil-Water Separator) Removal of tramp oil from machine-tool coolant CONTROLLED MANHOLE TO STORM SEWER COALESCING PLATES ( Oil-Water Separator) GRAVITY FLOW OR SUMP PUMPED TO SEPARATOR Service vehicle maintenance garage TO STORM SEWER COALESCING PLATES ( Oil-Water Separator) Rainwater runoff from tank bottom drain spills Parking lot rainwater runoff Applications Technical Features Model Nominal Overall Product Flow Rate Flow Rate Number Diameter Length Holding ( L/minute)* ( L/minute)* COWS- ( mm) ( mm) Capacity for 15 ppm for 10 ppm 190 1254 2295 1360 L 190 130 380 1254 4368 2700 L 380 260 620 1930 4924 6445 L 620 440 830 1930 6530 9565 L 830 590 1670 1930 8426 12880 L 1670 1170 1630 2590 6061 17049 L 1630 1140 2700 2590 8135 24165 L 2730 1890 4900 2590 11256 33955 L 4900 3400 * based on 0.85 SG oil / 4.5°C / 400 ppm stormwater inlet free oil concentration