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Canada’s Leader in Energy Products Equ i pment 139 testing equip., tools & shop supplies SHOP SUPPLIES Brushes AP - Masters Acid, Flux and Pipe Dope Brush - A black, natural horsehair bristle for even application. The durable, coated tin plate handle is firmly crimped to eliminate bristle “fall out”. FB - Masters Heavy Duty Fitting Brush - the highest quality available for cleaning copper fittings. This heavy duty unit is double stem (4 wire) double spiral construction, of heavy gauge galvanized stem wire and oil tempered, high carbon level fill wire. The four wire stem is firmly secured in the hand-contoured handle. UB - Masters Utility Brush - An economical, throw-away, pure bristle brush for a variety of uses. Ideal for applying solvents, stain, paint, plastic pipe solvent cements, bonding agents, resins, adhesives, etc. NEE # Description AP50 1/2” Acid, Flux, and Pipe Dope Brush FB100HD 1” Heavy Duty Fitting Brush FB50HD 1/2” Heavy Duty Fitting Brush FB75HD 3/4” Heavy Duty Fitting Brush UB100 1” Utility Brush Cleaners Masters HVAC Liquid Cleaner is a biodegradable, heavy duty, spray-on, rinse-off cleaner / degreaser used for electronic air cleaner collector cells, condenser coils, evaporator coils and cabinets. Removes smoke deposits, grease and inorganic soils. NEE # Description HVLC946 HVAC Liquid Cleaner, 946 ML HVLC4L HVAC Liquid Cleaner, 4 L Cutting Oil Specially formulated for pipe threading, Masters Cutting Oil is heavy duty, sulphurized and napthalic with excellent wetability for smoother, precise unbroken threads and longer life for cutting tools. Also excellent for tapping, drilling, milling, cutting, light and medium broaching and general machine use. Recommended for use on high carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, many ferrous and non-ferrous metals and aluminum. NEE # Description CO1L Cutting Oil, 1 L Applicator Bottle CO4L Cutting Oil, 4 L Bottle CO20L Cutting Oil, 20 L Pail Metallic Compound Masters Metallic Compound is a heavy duty pipe thread sealant of proven quality for use on both metal and plastic threaded connections. This all-weather product lubricates during assembly (never sets up hard) can be easily disassembled even after years of service. It is non-corrosive and prevents galling and seizing. It won’t dry out or harden in the container. Effectively seals most liquids and gases against leakage up to 6,000 PSI and 700° F (371° C). Not for use on oxygen systems. NEE # Description CP250BT 250 ML Tin w/ Brush Lid CP4L 4 L Tin w/ Brush Lid Non-Metallic Compound Masters Non-Metallic Compound is specially formulated for natural gas. Excellent for potable water, liquid foods and drugs. Non-Metallic Compound effectively seals liquids and gases at commonly used temperatures and pressures. It contains no metals, therefore it is not a conductor of electricity. NEE # Description MT2 Non-Metallic Pipe Thread Sealant, 60 ml tube. PD250BT Non-Metallic “Pro-Dope” Pipe Thread Sealant with Teflon, 250 ml tin with brush lid. PD500BT Non-Metallic “Pro-Dope” Pipe Thread Sealant with Teflon, 500 ml tim with brush lid.