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venience Store AutomationOverview Convenience Store AutomationOverview ience Store AutomationOverview Convenience Store AutomationOverview Advantages of Emerson’s E2 CX System: • Reduces energy costs by 10% or more • Improves operating efficiency and reliably by replacing electromechanical controls • Protects food quality and minimizes shrinkage • Minimizes lost sales due to warm product temperatures, by providing high temperature and equipment failure alarms • Reduces maintenance costs by enabling remote access and troubleshooting • Integrates with Emerson's ProAct® Service Center for 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and maintenance dispatch In order for convenience stores to remain competitive, it is necessary to take advantage of technologies that reduce operating expenses. In the past, the store manager monitored lighting, HVAC and refrigeration systems and placed all related service calls. Now, and even more in the future, it is important to automate there systems, improving operating efficiencies and allowing store personnel to focus on customer service. That is why many leading convenience store operators in the U.S. and abroad have turned to Emerson for increased operating efficiencies and significant energy savings. Remote accessibility enables chains to manage the operation of multiple locations and minimize unnecessary service calls. Emerson’s facility management system allows access to remote locations from centralized management facilities, providing the ability to adjust temperature set points, modify lighting schedules, send and receive alarm notifications, view real-time product and store temperatures, and perform system diagnostics. Recognizing the need for a cost-effective, flexible system, Emerson Climate Technologies has developed the E2 CX convenience store control system. The E2 CX provides a range of features and benefits that usually provide a simple payback of less then 18 months. In new store installations, applications can be cost neutral when compared to the cost of installing less precise electro-mechanical components required to operate refrigeration, HVAC equipment and lighting systems. The E2 CX is equipped with advanced algorithms that optimally control the equipment connected to it. These capabilities provide significant day-in day-out savings over traditional mechanical control methods.