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245 PIPING AND CONTAINMENT PIPING AND CONTAINMENT ORDERING INFORMATION HIGHLIGHTS • The range of APT™ double wall cutting tools simplify secondary jacket removal without causing damage to the primary pipe. Exclusively for use with APT™ XP pipe - one tool per pipe diameter provides accurate secondary jacket removal for proper installation. • Blade set tool aids in setting the blade position to ensure cutting at the proper depth without damaging the pipe’s primary layer. • Five blades included with each pipe cutter. • Replacement handle comes with five replacement blades. • The bulkhead tightening tools speed the installation of bulkhead boots while providing a more even distribution of torque than standard spanner wrenches. • The reusable steel drill templates are a durable, faster alternative to the paper templates provided with each entry boot. • The air test regulator provides a fast, accurate means of testing the secondary layer of XP pipe integrity prior to charging with product. Model Description DWC-XP-100 1" double wall cutting tool with (5) blades DWC-XP-150 1½" double wall cutting tool with (5) blades DWC-XP-175 1¾" double wall cutting tool with (5) blades DWC-XP-200 2" double wall cutting tool with (5) blades DWC-XP-TOOL Replacement handle with (5) replacement blades, blade set tool, and handle screws 88530002 Single replacement blades BPT-200 Bypass tube, 30" length BOS-103 Bostik 1100, 10.3 ounce tube (white) DBT-100 Deburring tool SDT-010 Steel drill template for 4, 8, and 10 stud entry boots TRK-200 Air test regulator for secondary contained piping STK-1 Single line secondary test system STK-2 Dual line secondary test system SWK-150 Swage tool kit, 1½" SWK-175 Swage tool kit, 1¾" SWK-200 Swage tool kit, 2" 26003608 TSM-4736 Sump Lid Replacement SUMP ACCESSORIES XP PIPE AND CONTAINMENT INSTALLATION TOOLS Use these specialized APT™ tools to aid in your installation of XP pipework and containment systems.