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©2009 Blueline Technologies ▪ 2001 Challenger Avenue ▪ Oroville, CA 95965 ▪ USA Telephone: 866.267.9765 ▪ Fax: 866.310.3848 ▪ Email: ▪ The UV-KFD Kwik Fit Series are double sided new construction fittings designed for above ground installations. The Kwik Fit Series offers all the security of a rigid fitting with a mechanically secured rigid housing and all the benefits of a flexible UV and environmentally resistant reducer boot . FEATURES & BENEFITS Durability Rigid housing construction Incorporates Improved Anti Microbial and established UV resistant additives UL Listed flexible reducers Reflective color reduces UV absorption For maximum durability the fittings can be filled with our unique polysulphide filler “PetrolSeal” (see Sealants & Bonders Section) Simple Installation Simplified installation, drill one hole only Simple locating pins align and hold fitting for one person installation and can accommodate different wall thicknesses just by using longer bolts Unique internal bolting design gives maximum torque and removes the need for additional bolt holes through the sump/tank wall Works on any Tank/ Chamber Simplified fitting sizes and choices The UL Listed Pellethane® reducers can be purchased separately from the housings allowing easy split replacements without disconnecting pipe Angled Entries Provides excellent flex features for angled entries, sideways AND lateral movement up to 12 ° Provides maximum mechanical flange torque for total sealing pressure UV Resistant - PENETRATION FITTINGS - ABOVE GROUND APPLICATIONS 1 Small Housing Medium Housing Large Housing UV-KFD KWIK FIT HOUSINGS ∅ ∅ ∅