Retail Petroleum Equipment

24 VARIABLE FREQUENCY CONTROL TECHNOLOGY Introduced in 1995, FE PETRO ® brand variable speed submersible turbine pumps (STPs) were the first of their kind for the petroleum equipment industry. With faster fill times during peak hours and power savings during non-peak hours, FE PETRO ® brand variable speed STPs allow you to maximize profits while minimizing operating expense. These benefits are something only FE PETRO ® brand variable speed STPs, the industry’s highest performing 4" diameter STPs, can provide. HIGHLIGHTS Variable speed systems ramp up the system’s horsepower as needed to provide optimal flow rates at fueling points. This results in faster and more consistent flow rates at peak business times compared to fixed speed systems. Benefits include: • Faster and more reliable flow rates than fixed speed systems resulting in higher throughput at virtually the same total cost of ownership. • Ramps pressure up and down making nozzles easier to squeeze for consistent customer user experience. • Ramping up and down reduces system wear from line shock, promoting a longer overall system lifetime. Because a variable speed system is constantly providing only the necessary horsepower to achieve desired flow rates, the system only consumes as much energy as is needed. Benefits include: • Energy savings during non-peak business hours and increased flow during peak hours. • Potential for reduced energy costs without sacrificing a faster customer refueling experience. The STP can be adjusted at installation to perform at a maximum per-nozzle flow rate of 10 gpm (38 lpm) based on the specifications of your piping and dispensing system. • Depending on peak business requirements, choose from either 2 hp or 4 hp variable speed models to meet your desired flow rates. • 2 hp pumps provide constant 10 gpm (38 lpm) for up to eight fueling positions operating simultaneously. • 4 hp pumps provide constant 10 gpm (38 lpm) for up to 12 fueling positions operating simultaneously. Hydraulic hammer is defined as a sudden pressure spike that is the result of a sudden stoppage in flow in a pressurized piping system. Hydraulic hammer can be exaggerated in a system that utilizes a high pressure fixed speed STP. • A fixed speed pumping system is incapable of changing the flow rate dependent upon demand and as a result, hydraulic hammer is likely to result when flow is interrupted. • Hydraulic hammer may result in system fatigue and intensified wear to system components such as diaphragm valves in multi-product dispensers, leak detectors or hanging hardware. • A variable speed STP will ramp up and down to provide only the pressure required to meet demand, significantly minimizing the effects of hydraulic hammer. SUBMERSIBLE TURBINE PUMPS Higher Flow Rates Efficient Energy Consumption Minimize Hydraulic Hammer MeetYour Flow Rate Needs