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25 SUBMERSIBLE PUMPING SYSTEMS SUBMERSIBLE PUMPING SYSTEMS Variable speed pumps are controlled by the MagVFC™ variable frequency controller which provides control for both 2 hp and 4 hp variable speed STPs. Features include: • Faster fill times during peak hours and power savings during non-peak hours. • Control is determined through the PMA power consumption, eliminating the need for a transducer or special wiring. • Setup selections include 2 hp or 4 hp, MLD or PLLD, gas or diesel, and Master-Slave, alternating circuit manifolded pump control options. • Capable of networking with INCON™ fuel management systems for enhanced pump control capabilities. HIGHLIGHTS CONTINUED The MagVFC™ variable frequency controller features a dual 7-segment display that displays running status and fault codes. A fault history on the controller also provides an enhanced troubleshooting process with faults like: Fault Detection Display Codes UL = Underload: Dry run or blocked PMA intake LI = Low Incoming: Input power under voltage Lr = Locked Rotor: Overloaded while PMA is running LU = Locked Up: Overload at PMA startup SC = Short Circuit: Short typically from controller to PMA SU = Shorted Upper: Short typically in controller OC = Open Circuit: Broken connection to PMA Er = Extended Run: No power change for 60 minutes HO = Hot Operation: Excessive controller temp / fan protection SUBMERSIBLE TURBINE PUMPS Diagnostic Fault Detection MagVFC™Variable Frequency Controller