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52 Notes: 1. DHI models are compatible with FE PETRO ® submersible pump controllers and competitive pump controller makes accepting 120 Volt dispenser hook signal. 2. DHI models can be connected together for products with more than eight dispenser handle inputs. Model Description 402312921 STP-DHI-SCI combo DHI with factory-wired STP-SCI 402313921 STP-DHI-CBS, combo DHI with factory-wired STP-CBS single-phase control box 5800300100 STP-DHI, isolates up to eight, 120 Volt dispenser handles Model Description 223243103 DHI fast-acting fuse, 250 VAC, 1 Amp 223885930 DHI circuit board, 120 Volt dispenser hook signal RV5 RV5 FUSE, 250 VAC, 1 AMP (FAST-ACTINGTYPE) NEUTRAL WIRE TERMINAL 120 VOLT SUPPLY WIRE TERMINAL DISPENSER #1 (SUPPLY & NEUTRAL), TYPICAL WIRING FOR ALL DISPENSERS * Wiring is polarity-sensitive when multiple units are connected together. * TO ADDITIONAL STP-DHI(S) HOOK OUTTERMINALS * TO ADDITIONAL STP-DHI(S) POWER SUPPLY & NEUTRALTERMINALS NEUTRAL OUTPUT 110V NEUTRAL INPUT 110V STP-DHI-SCI STP-DHI-CBS SUBMERSIBLE TURBINE PUMPS Model Description 400818921 STP-CBS, single-phase control box, with switch and lockout, 120 Volt coil 402313921 STP-DHI-CBS, combo dispenser hook isolation with factory-wired STP-CBS Notes: 1. CBS models are compatible for use on all single-phase FE PETRO ® submersibles and competitive models. 2. One CBS required per submersible, relay rated for 30 Amps up to 2 hp. 3. Incorporates pump “ON” indicator light. 4. Relay rated for 220 Volts, 30 Amps and pumps up to 2 hp. The FE PETRO ® standard single-phase control box latches line power to the submersible when the relay is energized by a dispenser signal. Compatible with FE PETRO ® and competitive makes of single-phase, fixed speed submersible turbines up to 2 hp. SINGLE-PHASE CONTROL BOX STP-DHI Dispenser Hook Isolation DHI Repair Parts and Accessories