Retail Petroleum Equipment

Red Jacket keeps you up and running. The ability to provide fuel is vital to your business. That’s why Red Jacket developed the IQ Control Box. It’s more than just a new generation of the familiar Red Jacket Control Box. A manifolded system using 2 pumps, provides optimum flow and assurance that you have back up when you need it. To support multiple pump systems, the IQ Box utilizes a proprietary RS-485, optically isolated network communication to ensure multiple motor systems are always working together. An IQ Box supporting a manifolded system provides: • Increased flow providing demand-based staging of several motors • Spreads motor wear evenly in tandem or multiple motor systems Unexpected downtime can cause customers to fuel elsewhere. Red Jacket’s primary concern is to keep you pumping at all costs. That’s why we monitor motor phase shift as well as voltage and current. This means that the IQ Control Box works hard to continue to operate and protect your system even if the voltage at the site changes. Red Jacket IQ Control Box Your Red Jacket IQ Control Box interfaces with Veeder-Root Red Jacket Quantum Series Pumps with PLLD. © 2003 Veeder-Root Company • 125 Powder Forest Drive • Simsbury, CT 06070 • USA Telephone: 860-651-2700 • Fax : 860-651-2719 • VR 13742 P/N 0576047-076 Rev.B VRWCP 10/2003 Printed in USA Performance Features: • Provides motor protection from dry run conditions • Protects wiring and controls from locked rotor or high current • Warns site personnel of conditions impacting the ability to fuel • Monitors site power conditions to ensure long motor life and uninter- rupted fueling • Auto reset for dry run detect ( automatically restarts the system when fuel is added to the tank) Design Features: • Ready interface with Red Jacket’s ISOTROLTM 1-8 isolation system • Easy to set jumper switches control operational parameters • Single, multi-colored, LED readout signals warning and shutdown conditions in an easy-to-understand code • Single press and hold button for easy calibration. No need to lift dispenser handle to activate the pump for calibration • Durable 30-amp power relay is socket installed for easy service and repair. Service life is rated for over one million cycles • Easy-to-use wiring terminal with familiar labeling • Easily retrofitted to existing locations using our compact 6x6x4 inch box; takes up less valuable wall space • Works on Red Jacket and competitive motors Your Red Jacket IQ control box interfaces with Veeder-Root Red Jacket Quantum Series Pump with PLLD. For technical support call your Red Jacket Information Hotline at 1-800-323-1799 and speak to a Technical Analyst. For further information on this product call your inside sales representative at 1-888-561-7942. Specifications: Dimensions: Type 4 enclosure, 6x6x4 inch Handle Voltage: 115 or 230V (switch selectable) Power Relay: 30-amp 250 VAC 50 – r 60 Hz DPST, 2HP Alarms: Hard and soft fault, 3-strike auto-reset - dry run - over current - low line voltage - low AC current - network/communication - bypass mode - uncalibrated device - extended run Terminal Lug: Size 10-16 AWG wire