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Petroleum Products Dixon Bayco 25 800.355.1991 Replacement Parts Index Petroleum Products Above Ground Petroleum Tank Accessories Dixon Bayco brand accessories are rugged, reliable products which have serviced the petroleum industry for over 20 years. Automatic Pressure/Vacuum Relief Caps • normally closed, stops fuel evaporation and airborne contaminants • lockable • relieves both pressure and vacuum buildup in fuel tanks • Two styles available, choose for stationary or mobile fuel storage tanks as listed below. For mobile fuel tanks Standard Vent Cap For stationary fuel tanks 2000 L 2500 L 2500 RW 2" male NPT, relieves vacuum at .7 Hg (.33 PSI) and pressure at 2 PSI, 20 SCFM flow 2½" male NPT, relieves vacuum at .7 Hg (.33 PSI), and pressure at 2 PSI, 20 SCFM flow removal wrench for PV caps Part # Description Part # 200- PV-9 Description 2" male NPT, relieves vacuum relief at 1" Hg (.5 psig), and pressure at between 7.5 and 9 psig • allows venting of tank to atmosphere at all times • aluminum body • male NPS inlet • does not have pressure or vacuum valves Part # 2500 SFV Size 2½" Underground Tank Collars Standard 4" Fill Adapters Part # BZ4051 BY4051 NPT Size 4" 4" Height 3½" 3½" Material bronze bayloy Short 4" Fill Adapter Part # BZ4051S NPSM Size 4" Height 2-3/8" • comes with gasket seal • often employed when soil settles around tank and shorter height is required Vapor Adapters Material bronze Part # VR4086 VR4086BY NPT Size 4" 4" Height 3-5/8" 3-5/8" Material bronze bayloy • poppeted vapor collar at station vapor outlet • can also be used as vapor valve on tanker but does not have air interlock mount • low profile design Single Action Fill Caps • for use with underground tank fill adapter (top seal) • lockable, push-pull operation • choice of aluminum or bronze body • bronze cam arms • includes Buna gasket SA4050AL SA4050BZ Part # Size 4" 4"