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155 SERVICE STATION HARDWARE SERVICE STATION HARDWARE Model Description 407215901 PV-ZERO™ pressure/vacuum vent valve, 3" NPT, gas and E85 407225901 PV-ZERO™ test cap assembly, gas and E85 407220001 PV-ZERO™ gas/E85 fluid Note: May require four to eight week lead time. Consult factory for availability. PV-ZERO™ PRESSURE/ VACUUM VENT VALVE The PV-ZERO™ pressure/vacuum vent valve from Franklin Fueling Systems provides an innovative solution for tank venting needs. The patented liquid trap design utilizes vapor pressure to provide positive and negative pressure relief of an underground storage tank. The stainless steel design allows the PV-ZERO™ to be compatible with both gasoline and E85. Atmosphere Tank Pressure Tank Vacuum HIGHLIGHTS • Installed, serviced, and tested from ground level, eliminating the need for ladder or costly boom truck. • Liquid-based pressure and vacuum venting system with no leak rate. • Stainless steel construction. • Biofuels compatible. • Stage I EVR approved to VR-101, 102, 104, and 105 for use with gas and E85. • UL 842 Listed TANK VENTING