Retail Petroleum Equipment

38 T est W ell C aps and P rotectors Test Well Cap and Adaptor Lockable cover for monitor- ing wells. Aluminum adap- tor and cap. Adaptor made to fit OD of schedule 40 and 80 PVC well casing. Cam lever type cap seals to adap- tor (Buna-N) and lock in place providing a watertight, tamper-proof well cover. Test Well Plug Lockable cover/plug for moni- toring wells. As wing bolt is tightened, the seal compresses against the wall of the well casing to provide a watertight, tamper- proof fit. Blaze orange color is the trademark of the Morrison plug. All sizes accommodate a #3 Masterlock ® padlock. Fig 305XA Fig 678XA Construction Details Body…nylon (plastic) Wing Bolt…brass Gasket…Buna-N Lock Lever…stainless steel Fig. 305XA … fits 4" PVC. Test Well Cap and Adaptor Lockable cover for monitoring wells. Brass adaptor and aluminum cap. Adap- tor serrated to press fit on OD of schedule 40 and 80 PVC well casing. Threaded cap seals to adaptor (Buna-N) and locks in place providing a watertight, tamper-proof well cover. Fig 178XA … serrated style adaptor. Fig. 178XB … threaded style adaptor. Fig. 178XAT … equipped with chain linking adaptor to cap. Only available in 2". Aboveground Well Protector For aboveground monitoring wells. Square steel casing with hinged, lock- able lid protects monitoring well from damage, weather and tampering. Will accept a #3 Masterlock ® . Fabricated with (3) stabilizer rods used for positioning during installation. Pal- let quantities available. Special lengths available upon request. Construction Details Fabricated from steel tubing and welded pipe. Coated with exterior grade primer. Fig. 680XA Size Weight 2" 0.5 lbs 4" 0.95 lbs 6" 1.0 lbs Size Weight 4" 2.25 lbs Size Weight 2" 1.0 lbs 4" 4.6 lbs Size Weight 4" x 4" x 5 ft length 23.5 lbs 6" x 6" x 5 ft length 51 lbs 8" x 8" x 5 ft length 100 lbs Fig. 178XA 678 XA 305 XA 178 XA 680 XA L ine S trainers Line Strainers The 284 Series Bottom Clean-Out Line Strainers are Y-type strainers used in pipelines to filter debris from flowing into and damaging equipment such as a pump or a meter. The strainer basket is easily removable for cleaning and/ or replacement. Strainers have a straight threaded cap with a flat fiber gasket. Fig. 284B … Cast bronze, rated 200 PSI W.O.G at 150 ° F Fig. 284S …316 stainless steel, rated to 1440 PSI W.O.G. @ 100 ° F 284 Series Fig. 284S Model Size Brass SS Weight 284 B 0.5" Y N 0.8 lbs 284 B 0.75" Y N 0.12 lbs 284 B 1.0" Y N 1.8 lbs 284 S 1.5" N Y 10 lbs 284 S 2" N Y 16 lbs 284 S 3" N Y 43 lbs