Retail Petroleum Equipment

Fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) underground storage tanks of double and single wall construction for fuel storage Part 1: General Part 3: Execution 1.01 Quality Assurance A. Acceptable Manufacturer: 1. FRP Tanks: ZCL Composites Inc. 2. Anchoring Systems: ZCL Composites Inc. B. Governing Standards: Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC) ULC-S615-98 Standard for Reinforced Plastic Underground Storage Tanks for flammable and combustible liquids. The manufacturer shall complete and hold on record such Quality Assurance documentation as may be required by the above Standard. C. Certification: Each tank shall be manufactured to comply with the requirements of the ULC Standard and a ULC Label shall be required. 1.02 Submittals A. The Contractor shall submit copies ____ of drawings for each tank. Drawing shall show locations of all fittings, accessories, hold down points, and critical dimensions. B. The Contractor shall submit ____copies of Gauge Chart for each tank indicating contained volume (in litres) of each tank for each half (1/2) centimetre of depth of contained actual tank capacity and shall be accurate within 0.1% of tank volume. liquid. Part 2: Products 2.01 Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic ( FRP) Underground Storage Tank(s) A. Design 1. Tank(s) shall be Double or Single Wall Construction. 2. Tank(s) shall be capable of burial up to 2.1 metres (7ft.) to top of tank. 3. Tank(s) shall have integrally moulded ribs for reinforcement of tank walls against pressures due to soil and high water table. 4. Tank(s) may be of multiple compartment design. Internal bulkheads shall be hemispherical or semi-elliptical shaped to resist deflection and breakage due to internal liquid levels. 5. Tank shall be constructed of such materials, and by such process, that they shall not break, collapse or corrode due to the exposure to ambient soil or water or designated contents of tank as stated in the purchase documents, for a period of thirty (30) year from the date of purchase. ZCL Composites Inc. 1.800.661.8265 {1} Guide Specifications