Retail Petroleum Equipment

2. Straps to be fabricated from unidirectional fibreglass material and epoxy by process of pultrusion. Strap shall have a minimum of 75% by weight glass content, be uniform in glass distribution and in cross section. Metallic components shall be cast nodular iron with galvanized coating. Bonding of metallic components to strap shall be by epoxy system. Straps shall be provided with alignment clips to hold strap in designated location on tanks. 3. Turnbuckles shall be of steel construction with galvanized coating. D. Testing and Certification 1. Each strap assembly shall be proof tested by the manufacturer to a minimum 150% of design load. 2. Upon request, manufacturer shall supply engineered design calculations demonstrating that the anchoring system shall provide the necessary hold-down force for the design conditions stated in 2.02-B1 2.03 Standard Accessories The following accessories shall be provided with each tank: A. Two (2) or four (4) lift-lugs straddling centerline of tank.Lifting lugs shall be designed to withstand a load equal to three (3) times the weight of an empty tank. B. Gauge Chart with headings at 1/2cm intervals. C. Calibrated Dip Stick at 1/2 cm intervals. D. Installation Instructions for all above components, including instructions for wet and dry hole installation, and procedures for installation of Anchor Systems. 2.04 Optional Accessories Where indicated on the drawings, the tank(s) may be supplied with the following Optional Accessories: A. 4” or 6” NPT threaded style fittings at locations shown on drawings. B. Steel Pipe Stub (nipple) of appropriate size and schedule at locations as shown on drawings. Note: A companion flange may be supplied as required. C. Anchoring Systems consisting of precast reinforced concrete “deadman” components, complete with an appropriate number of straps and turnbuckles as indicated on the drawings. D. FRP Manway with removable cover. Manway shall be of 560mm (22”), 610mm (24”) or 760 (30”) internal diameter. Manway cover may include up to six (6) threaded pipe fittings of nominal 4” NPT sizing. E. FRP Manway Extensions can be provided in order to allow for access to the tank’s interior from the surface grade. F. Containment Sump, fabricated of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) material, complete with gaskets and hardware for liquid tight sealing of sumps, conduit, piping and/or secondary containment piping systems against water entry. Such systems shall be designed to withstand abnormal surface loads. G. Non-corroding Guage Plate directly under each fitting or manway opening (for protection of tank bottoms against impact damage). Part 3: Execution 3.01 Installation A. Tank(s) shall be installed according to tank manufacturer’s current installation instructions (provided with tanks) as well as all applicable Municipal, Provincial and Feral Codes. All deviations from published installation instructions must be approved by tank manufacturer in writing. 3.02 Installation A. During installation, the Contractor shall test the tank(s), and perform the required deflections measurements, as required by the current installation instructions. A copy of the installation Checklist and Inspection Report, included as part of the installation instructions, shall be completed by the contractor and re turned promptly to the tank manufacturer. ZCL Composites Inc. 1.800.661.8265 {3}