Retail Petroleum Equipment

ZCL Fibreglass Wastewater Tanks As communities, businesses and industries become increasingly accountable to meet environmental requirements for liquids that require safe, design proven storage, ZCL is in the forefront with innovative answers. When considering the options in customized systems to store wastewater, facility designers and owners look for a long-term, structurally strong, watertight and cost-effective option. That is exactly what the ZCL fibreglass tank is. For decades, ZCL has been well-known as the major tank supplier to the petroleum industry, with more than 150,000 tanks installed. Many of the world’s largest oil companies rely on ZCL to supply environmentally safe underground tanks for storage of gasoline at their retail service stations. Throughout the neighborhoods and communities of North America, ZCL underground tanks are in place, simultaneously storing products and protecting the environment. Today ZCL is taking its place in those same neighborhoods and communities as a major supplier of storage tanks for wastewater applications — including septic, recirculation, dosing and holding tanks — as well as other liquids, such as leachate, chemicals, potable water, fire protection water, irrigation water, graywater, rainwater, stormwater and emergency supply water. Each time a ZCL fibreglass underground tank is delivered to a customer, the same performance standard has been met — a vessel for safe underground storage of liquid and careful protection of the environment. Fibreglass Tanks for Long-Term Storage of Wastewater ZCL is a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, cost- effective products for a wide range of liquid storage applications. Each ZCL wastewater tank represents decades of innovation and proven experience developing and fabricating fibreglass storage tanks for underground storage of liquids. At ZCL, excellence in service is as highly valued as excellence in product design and manufacturing. ZCL’s strategically located manufacturing facilities throughout North America, provide customers with prompt, economical delivery and quality service. That gives ZCL tanks one more advantage — they are readily available to customers throughout Canada and the United States. Tanks Designed and Manufactured by a Long-Time Industry Leader 2