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A fibreglass wastewater tank, by virtue of its materials and design, is inherently the superior choice for safe, long-term storage and treatment of wastewater for a wide range of applications. The best storage system for wastewater is structurally strong, corrosion- resistant, watertight, easily installed and cost-effective. All these elements come together in the design and manufacture of a ZCL fibreglass wastewater tank. ZCL uses only high-quality resin and glass in the manufacture of its fibreglass tanks. For added structural strength, ZCL tanks are designed with integral ribs. Because the integral ribs and tank are made of the same materials and are manufactured simultaneously, the ZCL tank is a very robust tank. When proerly installed, it is designed to accommodate heavy traffic loads and high water-table conditions. Fibreglass tanks available from other fabricators may also utilize ribs, but they may not be designed for traffic environments and do not have the same robust design features of a ZCL tank. While concrete tanks are widely viewed as structurally strong, many are not designed for the heavy loading conditions that vehicle traffic and groundwater can present. Since water by nature can create a corrosive environment, rust can be a major weakness in some underground wastewater storage systems. The materials used to construct ZCL fibreglass tanks are inherently rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. Concrete tanks, whether precast or poured-in-place, are susceptible to rust if the steel reinforcement is exposed through cracks in the concrete. Exposure to hydrogen sulfide gases, present in wastewater tanks, can also cause corrosion damage to a concrete tank and steel reinforcement, thereby limiting the tank’s useful life. Since wastewater tanks can be exposed to highly corrosive conditions, selecting a ZCL wastewater tank gives system owners and designers the assurance that rust or corrosion will not cause a leak or structural failure. Aside from being rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, a ZCL tank is also designed to be watertight. Easily equipped for onsite pressure testing before and after installation, ZCL wastewater tanks give owners the confidence that the tank is watertight from the day it is installed. This feature is of growing importance with today’s stringent regulations, many requiring watertight systems. For more than 28 years ZCL has been manufacturing thousands of underground tanks for use in the petroleum industry, where a zero leak rate is the accepted industry standard. These fuel tanks must be leak free, not only upon installation, but for decades, verified by periodic, precision testing practices that are routine for gasoline tanks. Leaking concrete tanks are one of the reasons that ZCL tanks have become such a popular choice for wastewater applications. Concrete, by its nature, is vulnerable to cracking. In most cases, precast concrete tanks rely on sealants or adhesives to seal the seams designed into the tank. When the ground around the tank shifts or settles, or when the tank is improperly installed, these seams are susceptible to leaking, causing either groundwater contamination or groundwater infiltrating into the tank, requiring the system to processes groundwater along with septage. A structurally strong, watertight fibreglass tank eliminates both of these problems. Quality manufacturing is key to producing a strong, watertight tank. When it comes to the environment, ZCL knows that too much is at stake to manufacture anything less than a superior underground storage tank. ZCL maintains high standards of quality in the manufacture of each tank. The quality control steps are applied in a tightly controlled manufacturing environment. On the other hand, the same level of quality control may not be maintained in situations where tanks are assembled, in part or in whole, in the field and where weather conditions may not allow careful quality control procedures. Features of ZCL Wastewater Tanks • Constructed of rust-proof, long-lasting fibreglass • Manufactured to meet customer’s functional requirements • Designed with integral ribs for added strength • Designed for H-20 load conditions • Easy to ship and install • Can be purchased with accessories that allow for both preinstallation and postinstallation pressure testing • Manufactured to applicable requirements of Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada ULC S-615, ANSI/AWWA D120 and CSA B66 • Available in single wall and double-wall models • Available in sizes from 2500 Litres to sizes in excess of 113,000 Litres • Custom designs available Watertight Tanks Featuring the Many Benefits of Fibreglass 3