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Many advantages of a ZCL wastewater tank come from the geometry of the tank itself. The ZCL tank has a cylindrical shape and is domed at both ends, which offers major benefits in terms of both operation and maintenance. The shape of a ZCL tank maximizes the natural flow of liquids through a vessel, allowing for the smooth flow of liquids through the tank and maximum use of the tank’s interior. A domed, cylindrical tank minimizes pockets or “dead” spots in which scum or sludge can accumulate. The smooth, rounded surfaces of the tank’s interior provide a significant advantage when pumping out scum and sludge. Tanks designed with squared corners and sharp angles can have pockets and “dead” spots, creating two major disadvantages — diminished volume and spaces in which scum and sludge settle. When a ZCL wastewater tank is delivered to an installation site, all it needs to be ready for operation is connection of the piping and installation of the risers, which allow for easy access to the tank for maintenance and cleaning from above grade. Septic systems manufactured of other materials may be delivered in multiple pieces and require field assembly. That not only makes installation more difficult and time-consuming, it also increases the possibility of leakage once the system is in operation. The installation and proper curing of cast-in-place concrete tanks can be very time-consuming, taking days or weeks, as opposed to the one day installation typical for a ZCL fibreglass tank. ZCL tanks fit a variety of wastewater applications. They can be used as septic tanks, recirculation tanks, dosing tanks, pump tanks, holding tanks and tanks using prepackaged treatment systems. (Some typical applications are shown on the following pages). ZCL tanks can be manufactured in sizes from 2500 Litres to in excess of 113,000 Litres, with multiple compartments, and in single-wall and double-wall models. Whatever the application and whatever the size, each ZCL fibreglass wastewater tank offers the same benefits: It is watertight, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant and lightweight. A ZCL tank is easy to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain. All in all, from delivery to operation, ZCL offers customers a superior option for all their wastewater tank needs. Typical Water Applications • Housing developments • Municipalities • Public parks • Rural developments • Sanitary stations • Rest areas and truck stops • Private RV parks • Resorts • Schools and recreation centers • Business parks The Design of ZCL Wastewater Tanks Offers Many Advantages 4