Retail Petroleum Equipment

370 PROBES AND SENSORS HIGHLIGHTS APPLICATION INSTALLATION • Installs in the interstitial space of steel and fiberglass double wall tanks and sumps. • Uses light beam traveling through probe to determine if sensor is wet. • Microprocessor inside sensor interprets readings and communicates data to the EVO™ Series fuel management system. • Fail-safe digital communications with built-in alarm if sensor malfunctions. • Sensor can distinguish between petroleum and water. • Alarms indicate petroleum present, water present, and sensor malfunction. For dry tank interstitial monitoring. Each DIS comes with 25' of oil-resistant cable. For fiberglass tanks, the DIS is pulled into the interstitial space using a “fish” string or wire. For steel interstitial tanks, the DIS is lowered directly to the bottom of the interstitial space through a 2" NPT fitting provided for that purpose on the tank. Optional installation kits are available which include a riser cap and other parts required to complete installation. DISCRIMINATING INTERSTITIAL BRITE™ SENSOR (DIS) The discriminating interstitial Brite™ sensor (DIS) detects the presence of various liquids in tanks as well as sumps and other locations. The DIS is designed to interface with the EVO™ Series fuel management systems. Model Description FMP-DIS Discriminating interstitial Brite™ sensor (EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000) FMP-DIS-U Discriminating interstitial Brite™ sensor (EVO™ 200 and EVO™ 400) TSP-KI2 Interstitial sensor riser cap kit for 2" riser pipes Note: The DIS and the DIS-U communicates with the ATG using 3 wires and 2 wires, respectively. HIGHLIGHTS • Highly accurate conductive technology and closed output circuit ensures that water is detected. • Chemical-resistant materials. • Utilizes conductive technology and communicates the value to the ATG to determine the presence of water. APPLICATION The sensor is to be used with the Corrosion Control ™ System during the water suction phase from the bottom of a tank. The fuel/water mixture enters into a separator where the water detection sensor detects when the fluid in the separator is mostly water, thus requiring a technician to empty the container. WATER DETECTION SENSOR This sensor can detect water based on conductive technology to indicate when there is water in the Corrosion Control ™ System's water separator. By removing the water from the bottom of the tank, the system reduces a key ingredient for a corrosive environment. Model Description FMP-WDS Water detection sensor (EVO™ 200, EVO™ 400, EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000)