Retail Petroleum Equipment

POWERFUL, RELIABLE, COMPACT AND COST EFFECTIVE Veeder-Root’s TLS-2P Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is built on the reliable and field-proven TLS-2 System architecture with over 25,000 installations worldwide. The TLS-2P set up is intuitive and can easily be customized for unique site requirements. Benefits The TLS-2P feature set optimizes a site owner’s operational efficiency and protects profits: • Web interface and enhanced communication capabilities • Optimized integration into site operations • Power-off delivery detection • Fuel quality identification Web interface and enhanced communication capabilities TLS-2P web interface and email notification features allow site owners to stay on top of their business remotely. Site owners can receive operational messages in real time and take prompt actions. An internal Ethernet port enables the TLS-2P to seamlessly integrate into any LAN or WAN. The TLS-2P console supports static and dynamic TCP/IP addresses. Three serial ports and a USB are now simultaneously available. Site operators can use a standard USB cable to transfer inventory data from the console to their PC for data management and printing. The three serial ports provide site owners flexibility to connect the console to external devices. Optimized integration into site operations Flexible Shift Closing feature includes both Timed Shift Closing and Manual Shift Closing. The newly added Manual Shift Closing allows site operators to manually close a shift by individual tank without interrupting the other tanks’ operation. The TLS-2P now offers great flexibility and accuracy in station shift management. User-defined Inventory Snapshot feature enables site operators to store up to 72 inventory records on the console to prevent sudden data loss. This helps the central office optimize fuel delivery management of any site within a network. Power-off delivery detection Power-off Delivery feature automatically detects, reports and stores deliveries that occur during a power outage. Once the power is restored to the console, the console can capture the inventory increase. Fuel quality identification Density/Mass Measurement is a feature of the MAG-D Density Probe. When combined with the TLS-2P, the Probe can continuously monitor in-tank fuel density (density range: 690-900kg/ m 3 ) at an accuracy of +/- 2.0 kg/ m 3 . TLS-2 Series (TLS-2, TLS-2P) The Veeder-Root TLS-2P is ideal for retail and commercial site owners who need essential fuel inventory monitoring functionality.