Retail Petroleum Equipment

TLS-300C Designed as a high quality and cost effective tank monitoring system. This system is for non-retail, commercial industrial, and municipal tank owners. The TLS-300C two tank configurable console offers the ultimate flexibility in one to two tank inventory control, and in-tank leak detection systems. Veeder-Root’s TLS-300C tank monitoring system can be configured to provide in-tank leak detection for underground storage tank (UST) applications: with either one to two leak detection series 8463 0.1 GPH Mag Plus Magnetostrictive Probes, or one to two 8463 Mag Plus Magnetostrictive Inventory Measurement Probes to support above ground storage tank (AST) applications. Additional configurable options are de- signed to provide printed documentation and remote monitoring flexibility. The op- tional integral printer provides fast, quiet continuous printouts. The optional SiteFax option can be programmed to transmit leak detection and inventory reports, as well as real-time alarm reporting to fax machines or other communications devices. Standard features include back-up genera- tor capabilities, as well as capacity to accept up to eight Veeder-Root Series 7943 float-switch sensors. This high quality, low cost family of sensors includes interstitial leak sensors for steel and fiberglass tanks, piping sump sensors, hydrostatic sensors, and discriminating dispenser pan and containment sump sensors. Features • System monitors up to two tanks • RS-232 Communication Interface with Auxiliary Port provides two 25-pin D-connectors for data transmission to computers or point-of-sale terminals • Automatic continuous leak sensing: tank interstitial space; piping sump • Audible alarm and display indicate leak location • In-tank warnings and alarms are activated for the following conditions: leak, overfill, low product, sudden loss, high water, delivery needed, test failure, tank test not performed • Accepts up to eight interstitial / containment float sensors • Interstitial and piping sump warnings and alarms are activated for the following conditions: fuel presence, low liquid, high liquid • Alarm relays can trigger alarm/ security devices • Two built-in inputs provide for solid- state or switch input from external devices • Two built-in output relays provide for outputs to overfill alarms and external audible and visual warning devices • Either relay can shut down the submersible if power to the monitor is lost or a leak is detected • Emergency generator applications are selectable via programming • One system handles a mix of standard and emergency generator tanks • Records generator activity • Complete inventory reports before and after generator operation