Retail Petroleum Equipment

TLS-350 Plus Enhanced CPU processor to support multi-tank and multi-application systems. Modular design meets current business and regulatory require- ments, with expansion capabilities for future needs The TLS-350 Plus lets you choose the exact set of compliance and fuel management fea- tures you need today. As regulatory require- ments and your business needs change, the flexible TLS-350 Plus platform allows you to add new features tomorrow. A safe invest- ment. A smart decision. Leading-edge leak detection technology The TLS-350 Plus has defined the industry standard for tank monitoring systems with: advanced magnetostrictive probe technolo- gies offering 0.2 GPH monthly monitoring and 0.1 GPH volumetric tank testing; accu- rate, automatic, electronic line leak detec- tion; 4SITE advanced technology sensors; and a complete line of standard leak sensors to monitor double-wall tanks, containment sumps, and wet and dry wells. For 24-hour stations and high-volume oper- ations, Continuous Statistical Leak Detection (CSLD), the most advanced leak detection technology available today, provides 24-hour automatic leak detection without tank shut- down. No lost business. No lost operating time. System Capabilities • Continuous inventory monitoring • Fast, 0.1 GPH in-tank leak detection for up to 12 tanks • CSLD option for continuous 24-hour leak detection • Line leak detection • SiteFax auto-dial fax capability • Ethernet/IP communications • 4SITE advanced technology sensor compatibility • Interstitial and piping sump leak sensing for up to 64 sensors • Vapor and groundwater monitoring for up to 40 wells • External inputs Leading-edge business management features The TLS-350 Plus takes business management a step beyond normal fuel inventory management. The SiteFax option pro- vides auto-dial fax capa- bility, letting you send up to 16 different reports to 8 separate fax machines on a programmable schedule. The TLS-350 Plus sends alarm messages to your fax instantaneously. The optional fuel manager software, available for the TLS-350 Plus, allows you to track average daily fuel usage, predict the days of remaining inventory, and improve delivery scheduling. By utilizing Inform, Veeder-Root’s tank management software, all inventory manage- ment and environmental compliance, can be easily centralized on a personal computer in one location. The use of these time and money saving options extend your investment in the TLS- 350 Plus beyond environmental compliance requirements, improving your bottom line. • Relay outputs • Programmable alarms • Data communications • All third-party tested All proven in the field • Easy upgrade to BIR Emergency Generator Applications • Selectable via programming • One system handles mix of standard and emergency generator tanks • Records generator activity • Complete inventory reports before and after generator operation Easy upgrade path from existing TLS-350