Retail Petroleum Equipment

Proven Profit Operate at peak efficiency with the TLS- 450 PLUS monitoring system, reducing inventory shortages and site downtime. • Remote software download – hassle free access to software updates • Logistics visibility – increase inventory management awareness to avoid runouts and haulbacks • Faster problem resolution – diagnose and troubleshoot issues remotely to understand ongoing situations better and avoid unnecessary dispatch • Customized alarms – preprogram alarm alerts to provide scenario-specific information to predetermined individuals • Graphical User Interface – designed with features for ease of use including workflow wizard, context sensitive help and user-defined favorites Proven Precision Remote connectivity on the TLS- 450 PLUS allows access to accurate wet stock management and leak detection information at all times. • AccuChart – reconcile tank tilt, dents and out-of-round tank conditions using advanced tank chart calibration technology and have the most precise picture of your inventory – all day, every day • Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR) – improve business decisions by combining meter transaction sales with AccuChart to better understand site variance • Continuous Statistical Leak Detection (CSLD) – avoid site shutdown for compliance with the robust 0.2 gph (0.78 lph) monthly tank leak detection • Enhanced performance – significant improvement in system response time over the TLS-450 with 5x processing speed, 8x memory and 2x data storage • Data logger – built in data logging enables improved data transfer for wet stock management • Timed Sudden Loss Detection – monitor changes in inventory due to theft during quiet periods via programmable scheduling Proven Partner Veeder-Root products are the highest quality wet stock management solutions available with a long history of reliability and precision. Our products help achieve results that matter and the protection your business deserves. Call 888.561.7942 or visit 125 Powder Forest Drive • PO Box 2003 • Simsbury, CT 06070 • ©2015 Veeder-Root • P/N 576047-209 REV C All information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. TLS- 450 PLUS (UL/cUL) Part Numbers Application Software 333545-001 TLS- 450 PLUS application software Hardware : Includes a 2-port RS-232 Module, a 3-Port Ethernet Module and a 2-Port USB Module 860091-301 TLS- 450 PLUS touch screen console with printer 860091-401 TLS- 450 PLUS touch screen console without printer 860091-001 TLS- 450 PLUS console without display, without printer Interface Modules 332812-001 Universal sensor/probe interface module 332813-001 Universal input/output interface module 333564-001 10-amp controller module Communication Modules 332818-001 Sitefax interface module 332866-001 Single RS-232 interface module 332868-001 RS-232 dual interface module 332870-001 RS-232/RS-485 dual interface module Feature Enhancement Software 332972-006 Continuous Statistical Leak Detection (CSLD) 332972-007 Ultimate Testing Line Leak Detection for DPLLD 332972-008 Risk Management Line Leak Detection for DPLLD 332972-009 Base Compliance Line Leak Detection for DPLLD 332972-018 Timed Sudden Loss Detection 333149-001 BIR/AccuChart TLS- 450 PLUS EDIM factory installed 333580-001 BIR/AccuChart TLS- 450 PLUS CDIM factory installed 333581-001 BIR/AccuChart TLS- 450 PLUS LVDIM factory installed 333582-001 BIR/AccuChart TLS- 450 PLUS MDIM factory installed