Retail Petroleum Equipment

Proven Wet Stock Management Key Features • TLS-XB expands your total inputs to 256 Key Benefits • Compatible with existing modules (see table) • Each TLS-XB can accommodate 4 modules • Daisy chain up to three TLS-XB expansion boxes per console. • Up to 99 sensors of any one type. • Up to 32 probes • Up to 256 total devices • Provides additional Input and Output Relay capabilities • Select from various cable lengths for maximum flexibility (see table) Combine up to three TLS-XB expansion boxes with your TLS- 450 PLUS to provide a flexible system solution that grows with your fuel site. Specifications Description: TLS-XB (Expansion Box) Temperature Rating Storage: -40° C to + 70° C -40° F to + 158° F Operating: 0° C to + 40° C 32° F to + 109° F Console Compatibility: TLS- 450 PLUS Dimensions: 11in. H x 8 in. W x 5 in. D