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Protect Your Stations. Switch to the New Standard. Given the increased reliability of the Phase-Two Water Detector versus traditional water detection float kits in ethanol-blended fuels, Veeder-Root believes UST owners/operators should replace their existing water floats with the Phase-Two Water Detector to avoid the risks of phase separation. This float kit is Veeder-Root’s new standard for water detection in gasoline tanks. Additional Advantages • Improved minimum water detection, even in pure gasoline • Detect cross-drops of diesel fuel in gasoline tanks • Easily retrofittable to existing Veeder-Root TLS tank gauges The first and only solution to detect and monitor for phase separation Be Aware of Phase Separation The use of ethanol-blended fuels in North America has increased dramatically over the past several years. It is known that ethanol/gasoline blends will absorb water that enters the tank. Once the ethanol-blended fuel becomes water-saturated, an ethanol-water layer, known as phase separation , drops to the bottom of the tank. Understand the Risks Phase separation pumped into your customers’ vehicles will shut their engines down on your forecourt. And when their engines stop, your problems have just started. Their vehicles will need costly repairs. But the thing that’s even harder to repair is your reputation. With phase separation, your biggest problem may be lurking out of sight. Now you’ll have to deal with purging your system, replacing dispenser filters, and disposing of contaminated fuel—which can easily run more than $10,000. Given the corrosive nature of phase separation, you may also be faced with expensive repairs and remediation. Detect Phase Separation Veeder-Root’s Phase-Two Water Detector is the first true solution for phase separation detection. The Phase-Two provides you with early detection and continuous monitoring of in-tank phase separation and delivers alarms to your Veeder-Root automatic tank gauge. It offers you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are delivering quality fuel to your customers, that your equipment is safe, and that your brand will not be tarnished. More educational materials are available at Veeder-Root Phase-two water detector Veeder-Root’s new standard for water detection in gasoline tanks Traditional water detector Phase-Two Water Detector Phase separation float has lifted E-10 GAS PHASE SEPARATION LAYER