Retail Petroleum Equipment

Part Description Part Number Phase-Two Float Kit, 5’ cable 886100-000 Phase-Two Float Kit, 10’ cable 886100-010 Phase-Two Float Kit, 20’ cable 886100-020 Specifications Fuel compatibility: All gasoline blends up to 15% ethanol (E15) Minimum detectable water height: 0.38" Minimum detectable fuel height: 7.0" Accuracy in water: ± 0.10" Accuracy in phase separation: + 0.75" Equipment Compatibility Tank opening: 4" Consoles: Veeder-Root TLS-450 (v3A or higher); TLS-350/300 (v30B or higher) Probes: Veeder-Root Mag Plus (Type = Mag7-9) How to Identify Current Equipment From the TLS-450 Console: Software Version: Select Diagnostics , then select About Software Part # should be at least xxxxx3.A Probe Type: Select Diagnostics , then select Probe , then select General Type must be MAG7, MAG8, or MAG9 From the TLS-350 Console: Software Version: Print out the System Diagnostic Report Software revision level must be at least x30.01 Probe Type: Print out the In-Tank Diagnostic report Probe Type must be MAG7, MAG8, or MAG9 The NEW INDUSTRY STANDARD Phase-two water detector 125 Powder Forest Drive, P.O. Box 2003, Simsbury, CT 06070 USA ©2011 Veeder-Root Company • P/N 576047-164 Rev. A • Printed in USA To learn more, contact us at 888.561.7942 , or visit . Intended Use Use in any gasoline storage tank containing up to 15% ethanol. The new Phase-Two Float Kit replaces the traditional gasoline float kit. The float kit also works in pure gasoline with better performance for water detection than existing float kits by having a lower minimum detectable water height, allowing station owners to respond to a potential problem more quickly. TLS-450 Console TLS-350 Console TLS-300 Console