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Groundwater Sensor Hydrocarbon Detection In Wet Monitoring Wells Veeder-Root's Groundwater Sensor detects free hydrocarbon product on the water table in up to 20" deep monitoring wells. The sensor also features a "Water Out" alarm to let you know that the water level has fallen below the sensor and fuel can no longer be detected. In addition, the sensor's watertight, lockable cap prevents accidental fuel spills on the ground surface from entering and contaminating the monitoring well. x Fulfills local, state, and Federal electronic groundwater monitoring requirements x Ideal monitoring method for areas with high water table x Not sensitive to background vapors x Lockable, watertight cap for 4" monitoring wells prevents accidental spills into the monitoring well x Long-life, reusable sensing element Features x All liquid hydrocarbons in C5 to C16 range x Detects as little as 1/10" free product on water table x "Water Out" alarm informs you when water table is low and you are no longer in compliance x Responds to gasoline in 15 minutes or less; longer in other hydrocarbons in the C5 to C16 range x Simply remove sensor from well and expose to air after sensor alarms Standard Models Form No. Description 794380-621 Groundwater Sensor for 7" to 10" wells 794380-622 Groundwater Sensor for 10" to 15" wells 794380-624 Groundwater Sensor for 15" to 20" wells *A Groundwater Sensor interface Module (Form No. 329399-001) required for use of Groundwater Sensors with the TLS-350R or TLS-350 systems. **A four-input, three-wire module (Form No. 329357-001) required for use of Vapor Sensor with ILS-350 systems. -