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Mag Sump Sensor Quickly and accurately detect the presence of hydrocarbons or water. Mag Sump Sensor Veeder-Root’s Mag Sump Sensor quickly and accurately detects the presence and amount of water and/or fuel in the containment sump or dispenser pan. Using proven magnetostrictive technology to detect the presence of hydrocarbons and water, the station (where allowed) remains in operation when water alone is detected. The sensor has fast reaction and recovery times which both eliminate costly and unwarranted service dispatches and sensor replacements. This fast reaction and recovery time, allows for quick and easy periodic operability testing if required by local agencies. Where continuous monitoring of the sensor position is required by law, site owners are immediately notified if the sensor has been moved from its proper position at the bottom of the containment sump or dispenser pan. Alarm Conditions - Fuel Alarm, Water Warning, Water Alarm, Installation Alarm and Comm. Alarm are indicated by an audible alarm, a displayed message and a printed message on the TLS/EMC console. They are also recorded as a part of the TLS/EMC console Alarm History Report. Temperature Rating Storage: -40 degrees C to + 60 degrees C Operating: -40 degrees C to + 60 degrees C Cable Length: 10 feet Sensor Dimensions: Available in lengths of 12” and 24” (22” and 34” total sensor lengths respectively) © 2007 Veeder-Root Company • 125 Powder Forest Drive • Simsbury, CT 06070 • USA Telephone: 860-651-2700 • Fax : 860-651-2719 • VR 13752 P/N 0576047-070 Rev.F VR 2/07 Printed in USA For more information call 1-888-561-7942 Features & Benefits Full protection with comprehensive alarm conditions • Fuel Alarm - triggered when fuel reaches approximately 1.5” in height • Water Warning - triggered when water level reaches approximately 1.7” in height • Water Alarm - triggered when water reaches user defined programmable height • Installation Alarm - triggered when sensor is moved from proper operating position • Comm. Alarm - triggered when there is no communication with the sensor Optional Sump Integrity Testing • Allows for testing of sumps and pans without removal of any equipment Fast fuel and water detection reaction and normal state recovery times • Proven industry accepted magnetostrictive technology • Enables easier and less time consuming periodic operability tests Station up time • If allowed by local regulation, station may not have to shut down if water only is detected • Proper position always monitored to ensure greatest probability of leak detection • Alarm history is maintained for compliance reporting where required Standard Models Nominal Form No. Product Sensor Length 857080-111 Gasoline or 12” Diesel 857080-112 Gasoline or 24” Diesel Sump Integrity Testing Models* 857080-211 Gasoline or 12”* Diesel 857080-212 Gasoline or 24”* Diesel * Requires V26 or greater software Form No. Description 330020-012 Universal Sensor Mounting Kit Mag Sump Sensors are compatible with the follow- ing consoles with Smart Sensor Card installed, and Version 24 Software or greater. Console TLS-350R/EMC w/BIR TLS-350 Plus/EMC Enhanced TLS-350/EMC