Retail Petroleum Equipment

Micro Sensor For Liquid Sensing in Tight Locations Veeder-Root's MicroSensor detects the presence of fluid in tight locations around your storage tanks. Ideal for use in contained risers and the interstitial space of double-wall steel tanks, the versatile MicroSensor can also be used in the interstitial space of aboveground tanks, and any other area as small as 1" diameter. The MicroSensor's stiff, durable cable can easily be pushed into its appropriate sensing area. No pull-cord or special tools are necessary for installation. The solid- state, durable sensor construction provides accurate and reliable sensing in harsh weather conditions. Alarm conditions - Fuel and Sensor Out - detected by the MicroSensor are indicated by an audible alarm, a displayed message on the TLS-350R or TLS-350 console, and a printed message if the console is equipped with a printer. The alarms are also recorded as part of the Alarm History Report. The MicroSensor is easily removed, cleaned, and reinstalled if an alarm is triggered or for periodic testing. Features x The presence of any liquid in the sensing location triggers a Fuel Alarm x An open sensor triggers a Sensor Out Alarm Temperature Rating Storage: -40 degrees C to + 70 degrees C Operating: -40 degrees C to +50 degrees C Sensor Cable length: 25 feet Dimensions: 0.75" wide, 2.0" high, 0.63" diameter Withstands removal and replacement from sensing area without sensor damage Standard Models Form No. Description 794380-344 Solid-State MicroSensor Type A Interface Module, Form No. 847490-105, required.