Retail Petroleum Equipment

Ease of i nstallat i on and proper pos i t i on i ng protects your i nvestment . Sensor Detect i on Capab i l i t i es - Alarm Cond i t i ons Fuel alarm i s tr i ggered when l i qu i d reaches a nom i nal he i ght of 1-1/2 i nches . Sensor Out alarm i s tr i ggered when sensor i s moved off bottom of the pan/sump . Operat i ng Capab i l i t i es • Operat i ng temperature range : 0 to +60°C . • Storage temperature range : -40 to +70°C . • Sensor d i mens i ons : 12 ” h i gh, 2 . 2 ” d i ameter . Sensor/Cable Length Conf i gurat i ons • Pos i t i on-Sens i t i ve Sensor w/ 12 foot cable - Form Number 794380-323 • 20 ’ replacement cable w i th connector - Part Number 331102-001 Sensor Interface Module • TLS-350 Ser i es Consoles (except TLS-350J) - Interst i t i al Sensor Interface Module (Form Number 847490-102) accepts up to 8 sensors (a max i mum of 64 sensors could be mon i tored by the console) . • TLS-350J Console - 3 sensors max . • TLS-300/PC-300 Ser i es Consoles (no Interface Module requ i red) - 8 sensors max . • ILS-350 Console - A Two-W i re Module (Form Number 845190-100) accepts up to 4 sensors (a max i mum of 16 sensors could be mon i tored by the console) . Console Software Compat i b i l i ty • All TLS-350 Ser i es/TLS-300 Consoles • All ILS-350 Consoles Compat i ble Fuels • Unleaded gasol i ne • Leaded gasol i ne • D i esel • Kerosene • Jet fuel • Av i at i on gasol i ne • 5% methanol/95% unleaded • 15% ethanol/85% unleaded • 15% MTBE/85% unleaded © 2003 Veeder-Root Company • 125 Powder Forest Dr i ve • S i msbury, CT 06070 • USA Telephone : 860-651-2700 • Fax : 860-651-2719 • www . veeder . com VR 13784 P/N 0576047-081 Rev . A VRLP 7/2003 Pr i nted i n USA For more i nformat i on call 1-888-561-7942 Submersible pump Containment sump Sensor Weatherproof junction box 1/2'' Rigid conduit to console Seal-off Cord grip Product line Brackets, clamp, etc. from optional Universal sensor mounting kit IMPORTANT! Housing must compress position indicator against bottom of the sump or you will have a 'Sensor Out' alarm. Incorrect Correct Typ i cal Pos i t i on Sens i t i ve Sensor Installat i on