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Sump Sensor Positive Alarm Indication of any Liquid in Underground Fuel Storage Tank Piping Sumps Veeder-Root's Sump Sensor detects the presence of liquid in a UST sump. Liquid presence could mean a dangerous line leak. When the sensor detects liquid, it sends an alarm signal to the TLS console monitor, where both visual and audible built-in alarm indicators immediately identify the location of the problem. You can then quickly take action to help prevent serious Features x Positive alarm indication of any liquid in underground fuel storage tank sumps x For TLS-350R, TLS-350 TLS-350J, ILS-350, TLS-300i, TLS-250i and ILS- 250 UST Monitoring Systems x System indicators pinpoint alarm location x Simple to install x Two-wire connection to system monitor x Complete with all mounting hardware Standard components Quantity Description 1 Sump Sensor Assembly 2 Mounting Strips 1 Watertight Cord Grip 3 Screws for Mounting Standard Models Form No. Description 794380-208 Sump Sensor - 12 ft cable 794380-209 Sump Sensor - 30 ft cable *Note: an Interstitial Sensor Interface Module is required for use of the piping sump sensor with the TLS-350 or TLS-350R system. **Note: a Two-Wire Module is required for use of the piping sump sensor with the ILS-350 system. Standard Specifications Power Requirements: Intrinsically safe power supplied by Veeder-Root TLS-350R, TLS-350, TLS-350J, ILS-350, TLS-300i, TLS-300C, TLS-250i, or ILS-250 system Sensor